Entrances to Tivoli

There are three entrances to Friday Rock in the Tivoli Gardens:

  • the Main Entrance on Vesterbrogade 3
  • the entrance opposite the Central Station on Bernstorffsgade
  • the entrance on the corner of Tietgensgade and H.C. Andersens Boulevard.

Please note this entrance only will be open on Fridays 19 to 22.30.

If you are a Gold Card member, you can use the VIP-entrance situated at the Main Entrance on Vesterbrogade. The VIP-entrance is open from 19-22 on Fridays.

Discounted parking

Discounted parking with Q-Park

Punch out a ticket at the entrance at Q-Park Vesterport and park your car. Please remember to bring your parking ticket when you leave Q-Park. 

Enter Tivoli and locate The Q-Park vending machine inside the Gardens, to the right of either the Main Entrance or the Central Station entrance. Load your parking ticket into the vending machines and a barcode is applied to the ticket, which then triggers the discount. 

When returning to Q-Park, first re-insert the ticket into the vending machine, then your Annual Card, Silver Card and Gold Card. Now the discount is automatically deducted, and you can complete your payment with either cash or credit card. 

The discounted parking can be obtained every day throughout 2017 for holders of a valid Tivoli Annual Card, Silver Card and Gold Card.


Parking near Tivoli

If you plan to arrive by car to Tivoli, please be aware of the parking zones in central Copenhagen.

The Tivoli Gardens is situated in the green zone and the surrounding streets respectively in red and green zones. When purchasing your parking ticket, check the parking ticket machine to see which zone you are in.

All approaching roads to central Copenhagen are marked with boards to indicate where the parking zones begin and end. They are marked with blue for entering the zone and with grey for exiting.

Remember always to use your parking disc, when leaving the car.

Prices and parking tickets

Please buy your ticket at the parking ticket machines. Other ticket types are also for sale here. Pay with cash or credit cards. Available cards for payment include: Master/Eurocard, JCB, Diners and American Express.

Remember to place the ticket in the windshield in plain view from the outside of the car.


Your safety is important to us

Our crowd safety concept was developed in coordination with Buckinghamshire New University of England and other leading festivals in Denmark. All of our concerts are closely evaluated and risk assessed and the actual planning and preparation is closely coordinated with the police and fire departments of Copenhagen. 

The Park attendants assigned to cover the Friday Rock concerts have all completed thorough crowd safety training, that include advanced first aid, conflict prevention, communication skills, personal safety and efficient crowd safety.

Remember that the attendants are there to secure a safe and secure experience, for you our guest.


Frequently asked questions

When do the concerts at Friday Rock start?
The concerts always start at 22.00.

How many entrance tickets are for sale?  
There are no restrictions on the number of entrance tickets up for general sale. These tickets are valid for any day selected – and the Tivoli Season Pass is valid for all days during our opening seasons. Due to security reasons and to ensure a positive experience for our guests, the entrance will be closed when the numbers of guests exceed the limit. We recommend that you buy an entrance ticket or a Season Pass online.

Where can I buy entrance tickets for Friday Rock?
Several websites and vendors other than the official Tivoli webshop might sell concert tickets. Be aware as these vendors purchase their tickets from us and then resell them at a higher price, which is illegal according to Danish law. Always remember that the official rate of an online Tivoli entrance ticket for a Friday Rock concert is 120 DKK and the concerts do not require separate tickets other than the entrance ticket. Be aware, that the entrance fee is 160 DKK after 7 pm on Fridays during the Summer season.

Is there an age limit for the Friday Rock concerts?
Everyone is welcome as a guest at the Friday Rock concerts. We emphasize that good behaviour and safekeeping is a must during the concerts. Tivoli Gardens do not serve alcoholic beverages for persons under 18 years.

Is stroboscopic lighting used during the concerts?
Please note that stroboscopic lighting might be used during some concerts. These light effects may cause epileptic seizures on persons suffering from photo sensitive epilepsy.

I am a wheel chair user - can I also be a guest at Friday Rock?
Wheel chair users and disabled persons can access the park through all our entrances. When it is necessary we will attempt to deploy ramps to ensure easy access.

Where do I find restrooms?
Restrooms are situated around the Gardens. Toilets for disabled persons can be found at the Pantomime Theatre, Petzi’s World and the Glyptotek exit. In addition you can find toilets for disabled persons at various restaurants around the Gardens, as well as the Glass Hall and the Concert Hall.