Entrances to Tivoli

There are two entrances to Friday Rock in Tivoli:

  • The Main Entrance at Vesterbrogade 3

  • The Station Entrance on Bernstorffsgade across from the Central Station

Enjoy the concert

Take care of each other

Going to a concert in Tivoli must ALWAYS be a good and safe experience - but it makes demands on all of us:

  • Get here in good time to the concert, as Tivoli will be closed when the number of visitors has reached a certain limit
  • Liquor brought is not allowed and is confiscated at the entrance.
  • If you are too drunk, you are not welcome.
  • If you are a nuisance to other guests, you are not welcome.


Parking near Tivoli

If you come to Tivoli by car, you should be aware that Copenhagen is divided into parking zones.

Tivoli is located in a green zone, and the streets around Tivoli are in a green and a red zone. The ticket machines tell you which zone you are in.

Please note that there are zone signs on all approach roads to the inner city paid parking zone. Blue signs indicate that you are in a parking zone. When you leave the paid parking zone, you will see a similar sign. This time, however, it is grey with a line through it.

A parking disc should be used in time-restricted parking zones. Remember to set the parking disc at the start of the parking. If the parking begins before a time-restricted period and continues into it, the disc should be set at the time the time-restricted period begins. 

See maps of zones.

Prices and tickets
Your parking ticket should be purchased from the ticket machines.
When you use the ticket machines, your payment is registered digitally. So you no longer receive a parking ticket to display in the windscreen.

You also have the option to pay via parking apps. Find out which payment apps you can use to pay for parking in Copenhagen here.

The last option is to purchase a term permit. It is cheaper to park if you have a term permit than if you pay for parking on a day-to-day basis. With a term permit, you only pay for parking on weekdays. Term permits are available from five weekdays to a maximum of 12 months. Read more here.

Electric cars, hydrogen cars and electric motorcycles can be parked free of charge in public parking spaces on the streets, while the applicable tariff applies in the City of Copenhagen’s underground car parks. The applicable tariff still applies to the parking of plug-in hybrid cars in the paid parking zone.


Your safety at Friday Rock

Your safety and security at Friday Rock are our top priority here at Tivoli. Our crowd safety concept is under constant reevaluation to ensure that we remain among the best in Denmark in this field.

All concerts are thoroughly risk assessed, and the planning and implementation of our safety measures takes place in close cooperation with the Copenhagen Fire Department and Copenhagen Police.

The entrances to Tivoli will be closed when the number of visitors to the Gardens has reached a certain limit. We do this not only to ensure the safety of our guests in the Gardens, but also to make sure that they enjoy a great concert experience. It is extremely rare for Tivoli to close the entrances – but it can happen. So, it’s always a good idea to get here in good time.

Nurses will be in attendance at the concert venue during Friday Rock. What’s more, Tivoli’s crowd safety staff have undergone special crowd safety training, equipping them, among other things, to provide lifesaving first aid. Tivoli’s nurses, controllers and crowd safety staff are on hand to help you and to ensure you enjoy a safe and secure concert experience.